El Raven Productions is a full service production company delivering a wide variety of professional video, editing, and other services for clients both large and small. Based out of New York City, El Raven Productions is uniquely versed in creating fully scale-able experiences that can be structured to suit the demands of any project. From smaller start-up companies to well-established agencies, our client roster includes names from nearly every market. El Raven exceeds client expectations by adding a personal approach that translates across everything we do from commercial to corporate, to narrative and documentary. Whether you need us at the writing table or preparing final deliverables, we’re ready to help your project meet its fullest potential.

We can create a project from scratch, or help execute a script already envisioned. We can help bring to reality, that which is only the sparks of an idea. Web-based media, to commercial, to broadcast, to narrative story-lines, El Raven Productions has the experience to deliver quality across all budgets and all levels of complexity.



Corporate and Commercial

We offer a variety of film and video production services for corporate, small business, and commercial clients. From first thought till final deliverable.

Creative and Narrative

We have been directly involved with award winning projects from short films, and music videos, to feature length films.



From headshots, to promotional and editorial content, We can help develop concepts, capture images, and edit to whatever criteria is required.




Nevermind Goodbye

Earlier last year, EL RAVEN PRODUCTIONS produced its first feature film. This year, we partnered with SUMMER HILL ENTERTAINMENT and are looking to get as many eyes on the film as we can. It’s been a long journey but something all involved are extremely proud of!

Written and directed by Christopher Vernale, Nevermind Goodbye is the story of Matthew and Avery, two lonely strangers who begin finding comfort in a fantasy relationship with one another that doesn’t exist. Too deep in their delusion to talk to one another, they both struggle to find relationships with other people. When reality and fantasy collide, they are both forced to confront their demons.


Between the Shades

Here is a documentary that's been making the rounds in film festivals around the country, and now being distributed by PASSION RIVER FILMS. Produced by JUST JILL PRODUCTIONS shot and mastered by EL RAVEN PRODUCTIONS.

Directed by Jill Salvino, BETWEEN THE SHADES seeks to explore the shades of being gay by what connects us all: love. The film looks at this though 360 degrees of parents, children, and generations. The participants represent a large range of age groups, ethnicities and professions. They are male, female and those who have still yet to label as either one. BETWEEN THE SHADES seeks to put faces to the letters that make up LGBTQI and how those letters have evolved and expanded since the Stonewall riots. The film examines the immense power of labels and the transcendence of love.